US government publishes annual unclassified report on unidentified aerial phenomena


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Who said that there not trying to be seen? If UFOs/UAPs are Alien, we would pose no threat to them. So they won't be trying to not be seen, they wouldn't even care. They would do whatever they want or need to do.

Ancient cultures/civilizations believed star people exist. Theese cultures exist all around the world. They also know where they came from. How could ancient people know where a Star is at that can't be seen by the naked eye? Telescope wasn't invented at that time. Again even if it was, how would know to look in that exact spot? You wouldnt. Unless you had knowledge of it.
The Star in question would be Sirius B. Sirius A can be seen at times but not B.

People can and will choose what they want to believe.
"Ancient cultures/civilizations believed star people exist. Theese cultures exist all around the world. They also know where they came from."

Source, please?


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I've seen it talked about from the Myans and Hopi. All over Asia. If you look back on ancient cultures a lot of talk about Star people. They said they were told of a Star from where they came. Siruis B was that Star but was unknown to man or could be seen by man at that time.

I think Ancient Aliens did stuff of their show, a few years back about it.
I believe there was written book/text either from Hindu or some type like that, that talked about Star people.


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ISiruis B was that Star but was unknown to man or could be seen by man at that time. I think Ancient Aliens did stuff of their show, a few years back about it.
Total nonsense. Sirius B was discovered in 1844 and its period calculated then. It was found to be a white dwarf in 1915, and, for the next 20 years after that, was a favored topic in pop-science newspaper and magazine articles. Essentially every well-read person in the modern world knew of it. Furthermore, about 30% of all stars in the sky have a stellar companion, and nearly 100% a companion of some sort or other.

In the 1930s, a pair of anthropologists visited the Dogon tribe in Mali and, after chatting up one of the elders, were told that the Dogon not only knew of Sirus B, but had been visited "thousands of years ago" by beings from there. Interestingly enough, when another anthropologist visited a few decade later, he could find no evidence whatsoever of this "long-standing oral tradition". And so the story would have died, were it not for Robert Temple and his 1976 get-rich-quick book "The Sirus Mystery". And so it goes.

Prior to 1930, the Dogons *were* visited by a highly technological group of aliens. But they were from England, Germany, or somewhere close by -- not from Sirius B. I do give this tribal elder credit, though. His fish tale certainly caught a wide audience.


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1844 isn't Ancient times. While I can't say it's all bs, I believe that there is more to every story, myth or legend. Did people simply make things up, while not impossible it wasn't a common thing as it is today to just make something up.


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I can't say Dragons never existed but there isn't any proof of them existing. So, where did Dragons come? Did they really exist? Was it all just a story? Could people have just seen a different animal but then why call it a Dragon?
Could they have seen a space craft and thought it was a Dragon?
But why use the name dragon if there wasn't any Dragons?
I think the name already existed in some form or another and over time we say Dragon.
So, why were people using the word Dragon when they saw something? Was there an animal that had fire for breathe or did they simply see a ships exhaust firing when landing or taking off.
Was it all just used as an expression and nothing was really ever seen.

Sasquatch doesn't exist but there is evidence in the form of videos that it does n recording of sounds. Area 51 does not exist but it does now, officially. UFOs/UAPs don't exist but yet there is video of them. Our own governments says they do not know what's in our skies, officially.
There is no evidence of Dragons but we continue to show them off as they existed. Some even believe they existed.


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It has been fun on a personal level, but I'm checking out of this conversation. It's entertaining to speculate - and that's ALL this is - speculation. But NONE of us have any actual facts on this subject, period. Just opinions.

However, when people start forcing their opinions as proven facts (or even "the most logical conclusion"), the luster fades. I'm not referring to any comment old or new, just the general vibe.

For me, it's much more satisfying to have productive debates on subjects that are well established and within our realm of understanding. This has turned into a medieval devils versus mythical beasts versus aliens debate, none of which exist in MY current reality.

Have fun, kids!


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There are zero facts of things existing or not. No proof that something does or doesn't exist.
Yet millions believe in God which cannot be proven. And if you go by the Bible then why couldn't people also go by other texts that say things about civilizations existing many many years ago but weren't cavemen.

The only reality is people who choose to have a closed mind. The possibilities that we are or have been the only beings on this planet, I think is ridiculous. According to Genisis, chapter 6 we weren't the only people.
People will always choose to believe what they want, that's your choice. I have believe what I believe in, so will others believe what they believe in. Nothing wrong with that. People actually might find that people have more in common than they even realize.


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Logic doesn't mean or prove anything factual. Sure it may make you feel better about something doesn't mean it's true.

Humanity is likely much old than what we have ever known or have been told. We were told Colombus discovered America, he didn't. People were already living here, which guess what, already discovered it. They were called Native Americans.
There was a map found dating 500 years before Columbus ever came to America. The Chinese were here long ago and some rock wall can still be seen in California. Very very old.
Some years back, a fish was found I believe was off the coast of Japan that was extinct for millions of years or so we thought. There it was.

The point is, we simply don't know everything and some of the stuff we know was wrong or inaccurate.


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"Who said they came here recently?"

Very first paragraph: "In addition to the 144 UAP reports covered in the ODNI's preliminary assessment from June 2021, there have been an additional 247 new reports and another 119 that were either since discovered or reported outside the preliminary collection period."
Yeah, same as there are people who light fire today. But that doesn't mean fire was invented today. They could be living here for thousands of years. Among us, or hidden in places that are hard for us to reach.

"There are many ways machines can virulently spread and multiply all over the galaxy."

That's an opinion, not a proven fact.
It's not an opinion that a machine can produce another machine. Using a preprogrammed design sequence. But if we extrapolate nowadays trends in AI, the design doesn't even have to be preprogrammed. Or do you think our AI will be stupider in the future?

"Also, who said that all of those UFOs are of alien origin?"

I don't know, but it wasn't me. My post addresses the odds of ANY of the sightings actually originating from another species in our galaxy.

Maybe some do. But not necessarily all. Some humans in privileged positions have access to much more advanced technology than we even think is possible.