US Xbox Controllers on a UK Xbox and other importing questions

Dec 7, 2004
  1. Hi,

    a little advice from anyone in the know on this matter, i'm going over to the states soon and am hoping to pick up some extra controllers/arcade sticks etc for my xbox since they will be way less than half the price they are here.

    Question - Will they work ok? I know they generally do but i want to be sure.

    Also does anyone know of boot discs or the like that will allow playing of import games without chipping the xbox or invalidating any warranty or stopping xbox live access? This would be for a PAL xbox.

    Thanks for you help.

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    Quite a few people viewed this thread but with no responses, so I'm assuming allot of people are in the dark about it as much as I was! Yip, was, thats all over now, got hold of some nice people at microsoft and they confirmed 100% definately that xbox controllers (official ones at least) will work on any region of Xbox. Obviously the DVD remote will have issues, but all other peripherals are fine.

    So now you know.
  3. fretti2003

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    xbox 360 hard drive

    anyone have any idea about the hard drives in xbox 360 im gettinone off a friend an xbox 630 that iss but it has no hard drive or memory card, if i use an exterrnal usb hard drive fro a laptop would that work
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