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Jan 8, 2010
  1. Hi everyone i recently bought a IDE/PATA/SATA to USB HDD adapter, for the purpose of running a virus scan on the very infected drive of a customer who wants to keep some files on the disk. I cloned the drive to my desktop and was just gonna pull what he needed and re-format it.
    But I was wondering if theres some software or a way of accesing the drives files without having to clone it, or just running a virus scan with my system on the HD while its connected, is that possible? Any info appreciated, thank you.
  2. jobeard

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    HUH? Why the cloning?

    Attach the USB enclosure and scan it as is.

    You do have an issue with attaching a device with known or highly suspected virus content:
    you might infect the host system itself. ​
    To reduce that as much as possible, be sure to log into an LUA/UAC account on the host system before you attach the device.
  3. Modena

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    I cloned because it wouldnt allow me to scan the device, it just showed up but i couldnt do anything to it. And yeah i know i can infect my own system by doing this and i am on a UAC account, the problem is HOW do i scan it.
  4. Kevork

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    Why are we not removing the virus directly from the clients computer?
  5. Modena

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    Because its problem is that it logs on and as that happens automatically logs off windows, i bought this so i dont have to troubleshoot everytime just to get a scan going on someones system, i just tried with a different laptop hd and i can scan.
    This other drive that i cant scan shows up under devices/removeable storage where as the laptop drive shows up under hds....?
  6. Kevork

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    Hi Modena,

    Why dont you remove his drive and put it into a external harddrive casing. Plug it in VIA USB and run your antivirus to scan the drive.

    I know you are afraid to infect your PC but in all reality it will not happen most viruses now are system dependant. Enable UAC, update your antivirus, plug teh drive and run a scan.

    Just a suggestion.

    BTW: I have seen that problem before and I fixed it by restoring the 5 system registry files from teh system restore, however he did not have a virus he actually had a corrupt registry.
  7. Modena

    Modena TS Booster Topic Starter Posts: 143

    Well thanks for all the responses but I figured it out, it was just the E-IDE HD (the one i couldnt scan) jumper settings.... I didnt think about that untill i tried with the laptop hd and could scan it lol
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