USB containing uni work saying 'insert into Drive D:/E:'

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Apr 25, 2009
  1. I have been working for a few days in the library on my dissertation because my laptop is doomed and my USB stick has been fine until this morning. It shows up in My Computer though when I click all it says is Please insert disk into Drive. i have clicked on properties and it is saying 0 used space, 0 free space.

    I have since tried it on 3 other computers XP and Vista and they are all saying the same. i know I should have backed it up somewhere else too but is there anything at all I can do?? i think I am about to have a break down!
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    I have just tried what you suggested but it doesn't seem to have made a difference. The USB drives work because I have just tried another memory stick, the problem is the memory stick which isn't being recognised on any computer. I have tried it on several now and it keeps saying the same thing - Please insert disk into Drive E:

    Do you think there is any way the work on the drive can be salvaged? The USB stick has never had any problems before and it was working yesterday morning
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    1) In worst case, data recovery companies charge about $75 - $150 (if i recall prices correctly) to recover data for you (start calling around, so at least have the info ahead of time. You can search online if you want to do mail service (rather then drop-off / pick-up yourself)

    2) What Make / Model Flash Disk? Check their website.Look for the Support link
    => Check if any relevant downloads for your product
    => Check their Troubleshooting pages as well

    3) Let us know how it turns out (or, of course, if you have any other questions)

    4) You might also attempt using Partition Tools / Recovery Tools on your own. Search and you should find
    => EASUS Partition Manager
    => Testdisk
    => Partition Table Doctor (freeware to test/diagnose. need to buy this one to repair. but i have heard it has helped. but no personal experience to share about it myself)
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    1. Make sure they recover data on the NAND or PCB level, many DR companies that "specialize" in flash drives only recover deleted files.

    2. Find out how much they charge if they can't get the data, anything more then $30, look elsewhere

    3. If they can't get the data contact another company, its very very rare when the data is unrecoverable. I get many people who took their drives to another company who either didn't know what they were doing or didn't have the proper tools to recover the data. DR of Flash drives is a relatively new field, there are many inexperienced people.

    4. Find out how much they charge for NAND & PCB level recovery, to get you in the door some DR shops will quote low prices however its only for deleted files or broken usb connectors.

    5. NAND & PCB level recovery starts at around $150 I've heard of companies charging $3000, generally expect to pay between $150 and $500 depending on the shop.

    Here are some DR shops: - $175 (shameless plug for my DR company) - $450
    ontrack - $500 - $3000
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