USB Flash Drive Download?

By Zhon
Jan 19, 2007
  1. Hello to all!
    I am Lee and an absolute n00b at this, but my friend just got me a 1GB USB Flash Drive (Riviera by Dane-Elec). It was meant to transfer all my files from LT (my old Win 98, Pentium II Sony Vaio) to Toshi (my Toshiba Satellite, Duo Core 2).
    I was told to go to their website and find the downloadable driver for Windows 98, but unfortunately, my old laptop won't open the site.
    Does anybody know of a place that would have the file readily accessible?

    Please e-mail me at
    (swap out _AT_ for @)

    Thanks guys!
    Lee D.
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    I looked at the Dane-Elec site but I couldn't find a driver to match the Riviera model. Maybe I didn't look hard enough or maybe one of the other flash drive drivers would work. Anyway, it appears that you need Adobe Flash Player installed for the site to work. Try installing it to your laptop to open the site.
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