USB Keyboard Won't Type

By everx ยท 7 replies
Jul 2, 2005
  1. I've got a Logisys Keyboard that will not work when I plug it into my USB Port (Any of them)... My USB Ports *DO* work (Ive tested that). It gets power (its an illuminated one) but will not type. However, it came with a USB -> PS2 Converter and it works fine if I plug it in that way.. but, the PS2 Converter snapped (long story), and now I am without a keyboard. Anyone know why it doesn't work just straight USB?
  2. A_DOG73

    A_DOG73 TS Rookie Posts: 170

    Sometimes with those USB devices you must install the software that came with it for them to work. Did the keyboard come with any software?
  3. everx

    everx TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Lol Doh

    Bah! Thought I covered everything. No, the keyboard came with no Software/Drivers. I went to the website and the drivers that I download do not work.. Oddly enough, I plug it into my roomates computer, in his USB port, and the keyboard works fine...
  4. A_DOG73

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    Go to the device manager and uninstall the keyboard. Restart your computer and plug in the keyboard. Your PC should recognize it. see if it works then
  5. everx

    everx TS Rookie Topic Starter

    No dice. Came up, said found Hardware, then "Unknown Device" then nada.
  6. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Some (if not most) BIOSes have an option to enable "USB keyboard / mouse support". Check from your mainboard's manual.
  7. patio

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    Or just get a new PS2 adapter for about $5.00 bucks...

    Until they stop making MBoards without PS2 ports i wouldn't waste a USB port on a keyboard. Just my preference, though.

    patio. :cool:
  8. stepfour

    stepfour TS Rookie

    USB keyboard problem

    Yo evenrx!

    What OS do you have installed?
    Do you plug it in on the onboard USB port or
    do you have a USB card that you use it on?
    This sounds like a driver problem.
    The options in the BIOS is just for USB support when
    you are in dos or in the BIOS.
    If you have WinXP, what service pack do you have.
    I have WinXP Pro SP2 and no problems with usb keyboards.
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