USB problem?

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Jun 16, 2003
  1. A friend has bought a computer mainly all onboard as a package from Adons - microlands (I think) anyway it all seemed ok but he bought a combined canon printer/scanner etc and It wont detect it.

    He has done all the usual stuff and one of his friends connected the printer to his laptop, also running xp home and It detected it fine, He also downloaded the latest canon drivers. But no joy.

    There are 6 usb ports and none appear to work.

    Could usb be disabled in the bios or something.
    He is going to bring it around at the weekend and any tips would be appreciated.
  2. poertner_1274

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    I think the only thing you need to check in the BIOS for USB would be a USB enabled keyboard (me thinks), but there might be an option in there for it.

    If it is a new PC, I would assume it would be enabled since everyone uses it for something now adays.
  3. iss

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    all the newer mobos I have worked with recently require a USB driver instalation before the usb ports work properly this driver is NOT part of the mobo driver package since it is Microsofts USB drivers and they are kept seperately( but on the same disk) from the mobo drivers ( I think MS requires this)

    it may be the the people that put his computer together didnt install this driver.
  4. alphnumeric

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    Go into device manager and look for USB devices, should be listed as "Universal USB Devices". If none are listed I would look in the BIOS. If they have a yellow ! beside them I would be thinking drivers. I think even without drivers windows should list them as unknown device, but windows is what loads the drivers. My onboard USB didn't come with drivers, windows installed them. I added a USB 2 card, it didn't come with drivers either. Windows installed USB 1.1 drivers first and then the USB 2.0 from windows update. My onboard show up as VIA and the add-in card as NEC. When I turn on my printer or plug in my camera they show up in device manager. That is after I installed the drivers for them. Might have a look here for some info or help USB Man.
  5. ptitterington

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    Thanks folks that sorted it.

    As iss said the drivers had not been installed even though they showed up as fine in device manager.
  6. alphnumeric

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    Glad you got it sorted out.:)
    Thanks for posting back one way or the other, I hat it when people leave you wondering.
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