Usb/ps2 port collision possible?

By deadoweyn
Jul 3, 2008
  1. Hello,

    Being new here, and having a question, my first job was to search the past threads for something that might be relevant. Couldn't find anything that addressed my question.

    Now many people firmly believe that there is no such thing as a dumb question (baring the repeated ones). This might just prove them wrong. Bear with me and we'll see.

    I have two XP boxes and a workstation (kvm) for each. I have a KVM switch that works quite well to let me access both machines from station 1. What I want to do is allow another person to use station 2 to access cpu 2 while I'm on station 1, cpu 1 without having to reconnect cables. Hey, a KVM splitter (reverse KVM switch or CPU Sharing switch, if you can find one and it's under "too much money to bother with"). (setting up and maintaining an old machine as an app server sounds like a lot of bother too)

    In fooling around with cables I found that I could connect the switch cables to cpu2, to the ps2 ports on cpu2 and a keyboard, mouse and monitor to the usb ports on cpu2 and everything seems to work just fine. (That is except for the situation when both mice or keyboards are being used on the same machine (cpu2) at the same time kind of thing, but we won't be doing that on purpose)

    My question is, am I asking for trouble doing it that way. Some kind of port or bus confilct? A registry or config corruption?

    Does anyone have any specific information or experience with this. It may be kind of a dumb way to to it but if there's no real danger of breaking something in one or the other machine, it's a better solution than spending $100 - $200 on a fancy box.

    Regards and TIA,
  2. deadoweyn

    deadoweyn TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well, looks like I stumped the panel.

    This is me, looking somewhere else.
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