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By Bleak28
Jan 10, 2005
  1. I am trying to get the front usb's working on a K7VZA motherboard without success. the wires from the case are single and are coloured 2 reds 2 blacks a blue green white and yellow. the white has 1-D on it one red has 1 + D blue is 1 + D and the black is 1 ground. green red yellow and black all have the number 2 on them the other marks are the same as the 1's. Ive tried starting from pin 1 r red white blue black and left pin 1 red yellow green and black can't get it to work though I did get the message on one port that a devise wasn't working. Anybody help?
  2. Nodsu

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    There is no point in trying the wires randomly. You will end up with a fried USB device.

    Look up the pinout of the USB header for your motherboard that will tell you what signal goes to what pin. It should be somewhere in the manual or on the manufacturers website.
  3. 3vilc

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    the 1 and 2 will represent port1 and port2 assuing your front panel has 2 usb connectors. the red and black will be +5v and ground for each port, the other 2 will be transmit data and recieve data for whichever port the number represents.
    but as above you will need to check the board manual to see the pinouts for the motherboard. provided you have the 5v and ground lines connected to the right place you shouldnt do any damage just the devices will power up but not be able to connect. although the other wires should be labled with DT and DR or something similar to represnt which is transmit and which is recieve.
    'most' boards i have seen have a 2 row usb jumper, the top row is port 1 and the bottom rom is port 2, the power pins will be the outside 2 and the data the inside 2 on each row, but their maybe other unused pins there as well.
    so check the manual and you should be sorted

    hope this helps

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