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Feb 12, 2013
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  1. Hi! I am running windows 7 and have an administrator account and user account.. I can always log into my administrator account but my user account doesn't want to load 50% of the time. I will log in and it tells me it is preparing desktop and that I have been logged in with a temporary profile. I do not like using my administrator profile much so this is getting to be a pain. I am in school and all of my schoolwork is under my user profile, so I need it. Most of the time, a simple reboot helps.. Today I rebooted 5 times before I could get in. I'm pretty sure I'm clean of malware or viruses (at least I hope) I've had kaspersky pure 2.0 on here since I bought it. Nothing changed before this started (haven't installed or uninstalled anything new). I use ccleaner and ccleaner enhancer so not sure if it's cleaning something I need. Any help is appreciated.
  2. tracker1

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    You are logged with a temporary profile because windows is unable to read your profile folder (C:\Users\Username_Folder), this is due to corrupt data or something (application, malware) is preventing the reading of data. Try running checkdisk set to automatically fix errors and scan for and recover bad sectors.
  3. jobeard

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    The User Profile causing the error is the file \User\{your-login-id}\NTUSER.DAT and sometimes it can get corrupted.

    See this article for How to Fix Corrupted User Profile

    The article tells you how to copy the files from the Old to the New %userprofile% location, ie the new \User\{your-login-id#2}\

    Corruption to the NTUSER.DAT is most likely when you log off or shutdown and then get impatient while Updating Settings.
    In that state, the ntuser.dat is being written and if power is removed, the file gets corrupted.
  4. Tarheels1

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    Thanks jobeard. I had to log on under my administrator account to create a new one. Then, while I was still logged in under my admin account, I was going step by step per the article. I am familiar with adding snap-ins, but for some reason I kept getting an error and it would not let me add one. I will upload the error I got when I opened mmc, highlighted local users and groups, then clicked add. LocalUsers.PNG
  5. jobeard

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    Yea, the MMC snap-ins work on the Pro and not the Home versions.

    Back to the concepts;

    Create a NEW USER
    • login to get it initialized (ie %userprofile% created and the new NTUSER.DAT established)
    • logout and go back to the ADMIN login
    get TWO windows side-by-side
    • left side as the \users\failing-id\
    • right side the new \users\login\
    now rename \user\failing-id\ ntuser.dat , ntuser.dat.log, ntuser.ini by preceeding each name with '_'

    That then allows you to drag-n-drop EVERYTHING in the LEFT window into the Right
    (hint: drag 10-15 folders at a time. Then drag all files in one action)

    Almost done - - now we have to fix the NTFS perms so NEWUSER Owns all files,
    The D-N-D will make everything owned by ADMIN and newuser is dead-on-arrival.

    SO, right-click on \users\login\ -> properties -> security
    (you may need to boot into Safe Mode to get the \users\login\ -> properties -> security )

    Have you worked with NTFS perms before or do I need the bloody blow-by-blow descriptions?
  6. Tarheels1

    Tarheels1 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I know enough to blow this pc up... :) Actually I have not worked with NTFS perms before. So sorry!! :oops: I logged into the new account. Then went into c drive - user and selected the corrupt profiles user folders and tried pasting or merging them with the new account but that did not seem to work. None of the sub folders came along with it. I am logged into the corrupt account right now finally.. I seem to think I know a lot about computers until something bad happens hehe...
  7. jobeard

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    A} We migrate files/folders using the ADMIN id

    b} We fix perms using the Admin ID

    you work on {A} while I document {b}
  8. Tarheels1

    Tarheels1 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    OK. I had deleted the new account since things did not work out earlier but no fear, I created it again. I have logged into it to initialize it and I am back in under the admin now. Not sure what 2 windows I need side by side but I guess I will see that on your next post. Now to make a sandwich. Thank you so much. I am getting behind on my college studies already. Should have went back, straight out of high school, instead of waiting till I'm 40. :)
  9. jobeard

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    :giggle: ALWAYS easier to use hind-sight (20-20 you know)

    Left window is the corrupted user-id , right side is the New User id
    Copy Left to Right

    The originals will be left in-tact and the right side will become the files from the old directory owned by the new user.

    DO NOT PROCEED BEYOND THIS POINT until both windows contain the same view;

    I'll post the instructions and screen shots when you are in sync with me . . .
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  10. Tarheels1

    Tarheels1 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok. left window is c/user/corrupted account and right window is c/user/new account. can I just drag everything except the ntuser.dat, ntuser.dat.log, and ntuser.ini or do I need to put the underscore after them and drag them also?
  11. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,167   +986

    Renaming via the '_' just makes it easier - - these are the corrupted files so

  12. Tarheels1

    Tarheels1 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    One maybe 2 questions for this step. Am I to move the desktop.ini file also.I have an option to move and replace or don't move. And I am assuming I rename the ntuser also. Have you ever heard of a folder named _hiddenPbk ? I think it's used for vpn connections.
  13. Tarheels1

    Tarheels1 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    OK.. I went ahead and moved everything except for the files mentioned earlier. I am ready for the next step when you are:) oops. I do need to know if just "ntuser" needs to be moved? It's a configurations settings. Sorry, I was a circuit board engineer, not a software guy, but I'm very interested in the IT profession. :D

    Guess I'm on East coast time and you're on west coast. I'm watching all the news reports that they can't seem to get straight over there in Big Bear.. What a mess. Oh well, hopefully we can get this straight tomorrow. Thanks for your help so far.
  14. jobeard

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    Tarheels ?? and I couldn't guess E vs W :)

    Using an ADMIN id - -

    navigate to \users and assuming all files have been migrated from OLD to NEW
    (see the screen shots at the bottom)

    right-click on NEW->properties->security tab
    • you see Folder Perms.jpg
    click on EDIT -> click on ADD
    • in the object name area
    • enter the name of the NEWUSER and click Check Names->click OK
    • click Apply->Click OK
    now near lower right, click Advanced
    • you see NewUser Added.jpg
    • (I'm using the user TORELLA in this example)
    select the NewUser-id & click Change Permissions
    • click Edit
    • click the top item FULL CONTROL
    • click OK
    • at the lower right, CLICK APPLY and then OK
    you come back to List of User Perms.jpg

    Click OWNER tab
    • click the Edit button lower left
    • click Other users or groups lower left
    • enter the name of the NewUser again and click Check Names->ok
    • SELECT THAT NAME and then click APPLY
    • POP-UP Ownrship Prompt.jpg occurs, click OK, OK, OK
    • and you're back to the \Users folder
    Right Click the New User's folder AGAIN
    • click Security Tab
    • Click Advanced lower right
    • Click Change Perms lower left
    and you see ISOLATION Perms.JPG

    This is where NewUser becomes private
    • [x] Include Inheritable Perms --- REMOVE THE [x]
    • ! WARNING PROMPT -> click ADD
    • Click Apply
    If you see Everyone-> select it and click Remove


    Remove any other ID's-> select -> remove
    click Apply, click OK, OK , OK

    Your DONE

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  15. Tarheels1

    Tarheels1 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    When I get to :::

    right-click on NEW->properties->security tab
    • you see Folder Perms.jpg
    click on EDIT -> click on ADD
    • in the object name area
    • enter the name of the NEWUSER and click Check Names->click OK
    • click Apply->Click OK
    I click apply and get this::
  16. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,167   +986

    The folder you should be editing is C:\Users\JulieM (assuming this is the New User-ID)

    The NTFS perms are attributes of every folder & file, and NOT stored in the Application Data
  17. Tarheels1

    Tarheels1 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I am editing that folder. I guess it is denying everything that got moved from the corrupt profile to the new one. I moved the app data, music, pictures, documents, etc. over to the new account last night. When I try to add the newuser it is denying every folder within the user
  18. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,167   +986

    A} take ownership as the ADMIN

    b} fix everything else

    c} make sure the NEWUSER has full control

    d} give up there - - it will be just fine
  19. Tarheels1

    Tarheels1 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I made that user administrator and then tried However whenever I click on the name, then apply, I do not get any ownership pop-ups.. Just error applying security to music, pictures, start menu, pretty much everything. It is showing that user as having full control but I do not know what the errors applying security mean.
  20. Tarheels1

    Tarheels1 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    OK. Everything seemed to work except when I log on the new user I cant access anything in the start menu. Access to eplore.exe is denied.
  21. jobeard

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    problem is there are several such folders. I think this is related to prior errors.

    get back on ADMIN.
    right click the \users\NEWUSER folder -> Properties->Security

    • Permissions, Auditing, Owner, Effective Perms
    • Click Owner and make ADMIN the owner
    • [x] Replace on Subdirs
    (and NEWUSER Full Control will be just fine) and give you access to the User's Start Menu

    The 'system start menu' is located at
    • \users\All Users\Start Menu
    Right click on it->Properties->Security
    You should see Everyone, System, Administrators.

    If Everyone is missing,
    • click Edit
    • click Add
    • enter EVERYONE, click Check Names
    • select Everyone
    • under Perms 4 Everyone under the Allow column,
    • [x] Read & Execute
    • [x] List folder
    • [x] Read
    click OK
  22. Tarheels1

    Tarheels1 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I'm sure this works but I am having glitches. Maybe there was something within the user that was corrupt also. I thank you for your time and very useful help. Factory restore and 200 updates seems like my solution for now.. I have to get this back up before my schoolwork is due on Sunday. If I have any problems after that, I will re-post. Thanks again, you are awesome, my pc is not.:)
  23. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,167   +986

    Sorry we couldn't get it done in a timely manner - - best wishes.

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