Using older ghost disks on new system

By captvancouver
Dec 8, 2007
  1. I am using windows 2000, pro service pak 4 on partition "D" of my hardrive. I am using 98 se on the other partition C.

    My old hardrive failed and I had to trash it. I got another one, and used partition magic to partition it nearly the same as the old hardrive.

    I reinstalled windows 2000 on drive D, and ghosted it to protect against any any future errors, and as you can well imagine, I don t want to have to change the partition size if I ever have to ghost this new installition of 2000 .

    I have a pile of ghost disks from my old hardrive that contain valuable information of previous programs.

    I tried to use one of these disks, and it booted right until the last , when.just before the screen and all my icons should have appeared, it went a little crazy,
    like it was caught in a loop, where the small square message screen just kept repeating itself.

    I am wondering if I could just boot with 98se after I have rendered one of these disks,and have a disk program(Norton Doctor) or something like that make any necessary repairs to stop the loop. I am wondering if it is a partition table or whatever at fault?

    Thanks a lot

    Capt Vancouver
  2. Ididmyc600

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    Assuming each disk is a ghost backup then just read the disk using GhostWalker available in Norton Ghost, insert it in your CDrom drive and browse to the relevant section, find the ghost file (*.GHO) and double click it, if you have ghost walker installed it will open the file in a kind of explorer window, from there you can copy out relevant information.

  3. Cinders

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    Hi Capt. Did you name your partitions, or were your partitions named for you?

    Ok Lets say you had a 160GB drive partitioned into parts. You have a 40GB partition and a 120GB partition. You named the first 40GB partition "Groovy" and the second 120GB partition "Excellent". When you went to Ghost both partitions the program would install the first partition on Excellent because "E" comes before "G" in alphabetical order. When your computer tries to boot, it starts to boot but Windows 98 was originally setup on "Groovy", but it's now residing on "Excellent" so it can't find the proper files and it gets confused and your computer stalls.
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    Please post your problem ONCE per forum.
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