USPS email virus warning

  1. Beware of emails that claim to be from the U.S. Postal Service (about a delivery failure notification). After opening it, there is a PDF file to download. Once you open this file, it goes "poof" - and promptly infects your computer with a nasty boot tidserv virus that is almost impossible to get rid of. The worse part was that I actually had recently mailed several parcels through USPS. The email looked authentic. I was amazed that it got past my Yahoo mail virus check as well as my current Norton firewall. Norton could not remove it. I tried everything, finally got sick of the whole ordeal, and completely formatted my hard drive. Fortunately, my important files were backed up, but it still was a royal pain to have to reinstall another o.s. and 6 hours of installing all of my programs. I just wanted to warn anyone who is not aware of this virus. You can verify with USPS and ask them if any mail you may receive from them is authentic or not. It's too bad that there are those pathetic people in the world that only feel joy from causing others grief. I feel sorry for them and their empty existence. My greatest consolation is knowing that karma will eventually bite them in the *** - HARD! :blackeye:
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    I've been receiving those for the longest time now.

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