Verizon's Share Everything plans will go live June 28

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Jun 12, 2012
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  1. Verizon Wireless today announced its new Share Everything Plans that will allow customers to share a single pool of data, voice, and text messages across multiple devices. The new plans...

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  2. How does this save money for a family? I have been planning to give my 2 boys older hand-me-down Smart phones - waiting for this plan, because I didn't want to pay $30 each per month (instead of $10) - NOW I would start at $40 each plus data - NO WAY!!! They will stay on their wifi devices with a dumb phone.
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    You're not the only one that thinks that. My family's bill would go up nearly $80 under these new plans.
  4. You have to factor in the total cost as in the above examples..This plan should be cheaper...or so they say....but I think you have less data available now because its split between all devices so I'm not so sure.
  5. These C$ck suckers are not doing us any favors. They are trying to figure ways to get more money out of us. For some it may be a better deal for most we all gonna get screwed some how.
  6. Wow - Sprint's stock should go through the roof on this - so many VZ customers will jump ship. Without changing anything VZ's calculator adds $100 to my monthly bill. CNBC said this was bad for individuals and good for families - NOT MY FAMILY!!!
  7. This is were the lines begin to blur however, they can't force certain things if you don't buy a phone with a contract discout. ie Nothing is stopping you from getting whatever plan you want on which device you want (within some limits) the only limitation is that when you want to get a discount on phones with a contract, Verizon will give you a discount if you both (you and verizon) sign a contract. BUT, Verizon won't give you the discount if you don't have data factored into your contract. It gets kind of confusing but there are workarounds (currently). With this new plan setup I'm not so sure how it would work out, but I'm sure by talking to the right people you could get what you want
  8. I think they are just trying to get people on one plan with all of their devices. It may seem expensive but think about all of those overage charges that disappear. I know people who have had to pay over $100 in minute overages because they had a family emergency and started using more minutes. When you have those types of life events going on, I don't think you have time to sit down and check your phone minutes. It doesn't cross your mind. Verizon will offer you 25% off of your bill if you call in and ask questions. Having unlimited minutes and texting should be standard for any phone company. I am going to at least give them a chance on this one..
  9. I'm one those plans that I'll save about $80 a month :cool:
  10. My current plan is $170 a month for 1 smartphone (unlimited data) & 3 dumbphones, 1400 minutes shared with unlimited texting shared. As a family we only use about 700 minutes a month. The new plan would cost me $200 a month with limited data.
    Under my old plan if I add one more dumbphone its only $10 more. I could even upgrade to 2000 minutes shared for $10 more under the old plan for a total of $20.
    Under the new plan adding one more phone is $30.
    No savings here. Thanks for nothing Verizon.
  11. Currently have 2 dumb phones 3 smart phones with unlimited 4G data each. Everyone is sharing the unlimited text plan and we only have 700 minutes to share which we never go over. This new plan would increase our cost from $200 to $280. I was really hoping this would be a good deal for us but this pricing is awful. When it is time to upgrade phones we are switching, no way I'm being forced into this pricing.
  12. LOL verizon is doing a horrid job at advertising this...for the person that said they didnt want to upgrade there 2 sons to smartphones because of the +30 instead of 10...and thinks 40 is too much forgot that right now its 10 + 30 for a smartphone per line already...this plan saves people money that is already paying for unlimited and has tons of smart phones that use little data.
  13. This new shared is going to turn out aweful for many people that don't care about unlimited minutes.
    For my wife and I we pay 140 right now.

    90 + 10 for 2 phones, 700 minutes, and unlimited text, + 10 for her dumb phone data, and 30 for my unlimited data, which I use like 300mbs or something.

    New plan 120.

    40 smartphone, 30 dumb phone for unlimited minutes and text + 50 1 GB data.
  14. One has to look at all the factors. No more texting fees, no longer a fee to tether.
    For the people comparing the assumed higher fee for one phone, did you factor in your
    $30 unlimited text fee that will go away?
    Personally I for one who has 3 smart phones with unlimited texting, 1400 minutes and some months of tethering
    Should save $250-$300 a year. Across the country I have great coverage and the Verizon customer service
    People are the best!
  15. I will save a lot of money on this plan.

    Right now I pay $220 for three smart phones with unlimited data, unlimited text, and 700 min a month.

    Under new pricings:

    (40$ x 2) = $80 for smartphones plus $30 for basic phone = $110 plus $60 for 4GB of data (which is plenty) = $170 a month vs $220. Seems I will save $50 a month?

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