Vertical colored lines across lcd screen

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Jan 4, 2009
  1. i have a 17" monitor with vertical colored lines going across the entire screen. not sure what is wrong or if it is fixable. screen worked great one day and did not the next. it is a Hyundai Imagequest L70S.
    i have disconnected from the tower, swapped cables, power cords, and plugged into power outlet with no source and still get the same screen so it is the monitor. i unplugged and left off for 2 days "hoping" it would work again, but no luck. Any thoughts as to what this could be? thanks in advance.

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  2. misha

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    dude, classic case of 'gpu gone bad'. so, you need to hit your latest video store, get a copy of girls gone bad. before that though, take out your graphic card and sent it for repair. or, if it's possible, get yourself a new one. pls determine your system specs and requirements first before going to either the comp shop or the video store
  3. adweston

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    Wow. Just yesterday we were discussing amateur techs in another thread. I think I can rest my case now with misha's post (and that sig..ummmm..ok.)

    @ mlkmgr. A circuit has gone faulty in your monitor. It happens. If you're very good with electronics repair you might be able to fix it, but otherwise I don't recommend it. There's a lot of very high voltages in there.

    Truth be told, it's really not worth having fixed. Go buy an LCD monitor :) You owe it to yourself.
  4. Drowsiness

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    hehe... you sly dog you. ;)

    "You owe it to yourself..."

    I love when people justify a purchase for me! It usually leads me to spend a lot of money. :D
  5. mlkmgr

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    i ordered a new one and received it already. budget was very tight so i just replaced with another 17" monitor. i assumed it was not fixable so i thank you for the reply!
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