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Very slow pc, browser(mozilla, chrome), wireless mouse not recognized

By Semiramis
Apr 17, 2015
  1. Hello,

    I have re-installed Windows 2 months ago. It was a clean installation. I've also installed the required protection:
    - Avast Antivirus
    - Spybot Search & Destroy
    - Malwarebytes

    For about a week I have been having some serious problems:
    - My wireless mouse isn't always recognized/working. I hear the specific sound when I'm plugging its usb in the pc, but it just won't move
    - I've been installing small programs that usually take 30 seconds to install and it has taken 30 minutes to pass through the Wizard. Even opening Control Panel is a challenge. I have a total of ~20 programs, essential I may add. I'm certainly not overloading the pc.
    - The browser is working painfully slow. The Shocwave Flash plugin is constantly crashing and working in multiple tabs blocks any online activity whatsoever
    - When I was doing multiple things in parallel (browsing, installing a program, connecting my phone to the pc), Windows just crashed, there was a blue screen with a message that if it's the first time I see the screen I just have to restart it, but if it wasn't I should consult someone because I may have a software/hardware problem. I did restart it and things got just a little bit faster, except the browsing.
    I don't usually install things on my pc, but I have downloaded a couple of files from a torrent site (books mainly and a certain essential office package). Could it be a virus? If so, how? I'm protected. or is my pc just too old (4 years now since I bought it). Its ventilator sounds like a vacuum cleaner and I haven't been able to clean it properly since I don't have a matching screwdriver.
    Thank you in advance for your advices.
  2. Broni

    Broni Malware Annihilator Posts: 53,874   +370

    Welcome aboard [​IMG]

    Please, complete all steps listed here: https://www.techspot.com/vb/topic58138.html
    Make sure, you PASTE all logs. If some log exceeds 50,000 characters post limit, split it between couple of replies.
    Attached logs won't be reviewed.

    Please, observe following rules:
    • Read all of my instructions very carefully. Your mistakes during cleaning process may have very serious consequences, like unbootable computer.
    • If you're stuck, or you're not sure about certain step, always ask before doing anything else.
    • Please refrain from running any tools, fixes or applying any changes to your computer other than those I suggest.
    • Never run more than one scan at a time.
    • Keep updating me regarding your computer behavior, good, or bad.
    • The cleaning process, once started, has to be completed. Even if your computer appears to act better, it may still be infected. Once the computer is totally clean, I'll certainly let you know.
    • If you leave the topic without explanation in the middle of a cleaning process, you may not be eligible to receive any more help in malware removal forum.
    • I close my topics if you have not replied in 5 days. If you need more time, simply let me know. If I closed your topic and you need it to be reopened, simply PM me.
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