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Aug 7, 2006
  1. i have a problem with heat with my gfx card, i have a 6600gt with a stock fan, games just randomly freeze, so is there a way to increase vga fan speed, if i put my hand over the fan i could barely feel the airflow
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    You don't need to feel the air, assuming you're feeling at the right place. As long as your graphics card hasn't been giving you artifacts (it should, before it freezes) or overheating really badly, you should think some other problem first.
  3. nowhereman65

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    thats the only real problem i could think of, its not bad ram because i have played for hours on end before with no problems, any ideas?
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  5. nowhereman65

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    possibly, it is a good psu though, i have an antec trupower 2.0 380 watt, might be a little too low, here are my specs
    P4 2.4
    1 gig of kingston hyper x ram
    2 hdd 7200 rpm
    2 dvd drives
    and in the pci slots only an ethernet card
    i doubt that its NOT enough power

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