VIA readies dual-core and quad-core Nano processors


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Via managed to get some buzz going on when the Nano processor was first introduced back in 2008. But even though early benchmarks seemed promising performance-wise, Intel had the upper hand when it came to power consumption, which is a very important factor to consider with mobile computing devices. The rest of the story you already know: today Atom chips power virtually every netbook sold in the U.S. and Europe while Nanos, for the most part, have been confined to smaller educational and developing markets.

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20W? you can fry an egg on that!

Hope it performs well, a few watts more are welcome if that means a smoother performance compared to Atom.


the biggest issue that the Nano has is VIA itself. The ITX boards, are not socketed, so you can not replace the processors, though they are pin compatible to the C7's. Also of all their products, they still have very few available using the Nano Processors. And they have more or less been released this year. The ITX boards themselves are a problem, they have so much on board, and so many options, it might be better for them to strip much of it off, and just provide daughter boards. Oh and drivers are another issue all together.

but all in all they are good systems, but could be a great deal better.