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video? bios-installed? drivers-update? Some bashrat genius or don't mess with?

By flexibleantenna
Nov 29, 2006
  1. put the system together myself and person who talked me into it I paid 75 bucks instead of 25 he asked for and now I am on a learning curve. Previous install from format up ran everything fine (No matter if it was not truely the best setup- which confuses me)

    fear shows same as dude with older graphics card -renderer not working

    How about vivid logic - dvr software Can I use firewire from my motherboard and send and receive data from my tv It has three firewire ports one on front even and a net command system - Do I try it? I am running american research 25' dvi to monster cable dvi to hdmi now with audio r l to tv and optical to avr. Should I switch ati has a tuner for 130.00 but do I need it to send and receive the data to the tv and storage only and back to tv to watch? I don't want to upgrade computer to 3ghz plus for 1080p, but want 1080p on a dvr can this be done? confused about grabbers and pci setups and don't want any of that just storage and playback to mitsubishi with a badass tuner in it hopefully. I can't even figure out how to configure the darn image with dvi seriously it isn't easy remembering cloning and extending desktop and separate settings where it all works. Will video get easier if I just tackle as much of this stuff at once as possible? Skip the blueray and other player for my idea cost wise?

    I have an amd 64 k8v se deluxe 3000+ 2ghz motherboard win xp with service pack 2 What is embedded and I don't have that, right? ati radeon 9800 pro graphics card creative soundblaster external soundcard model mp3 an internal on the motherboard soundmax audio 1gb ram two hard drives 120 gb and 200 gb an nec multisync fe990 to save money a mitsubishi wd62628 an nec cd dvd rw on both microsoft wireless comfort keyboard optical mouse etc. I had fear up and running I had steam network and games up and running I am trying to get them running again. Have you heard of bios (not installed), video rendering not working, I have been finding all kinds of information. for example

    under other devices my raid controller shows this device has a problem (the code is 28) no driver is installed and pci\ven_1106&dev_3149&subsys_80ED1043&rev_80\3&267a616a&0&78 for details whatever that means.
    1394 net adapter
    microsoft 7/1/2001 driver 5.1.2535.0 Ain't this old? update won't give a better update? v1394\nic1394\6c97c6e01800 whatever that means
    the via ohci compliant ieee 1394 host controller dated 7/1/2001 with same 5.1.2535.0 from microsoft? update this too?primary ide channel is microsoft5.1.2600.1106 7/1/2001? secondary is same? via bus master ide controller is5.1.3597.0 7/1/2001 ?

    Marvell Yukon 88E8001/8003/8010 PCI Gigabit Ethernet Controller History Details

    Existing version: || Update version:
    Manufacturer: Marvell
    installed the update even though the update at microsoft didn't show it.
    found an somewhere ? installed that

    SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio Details

    Existing version: || Update version:
    Manufacturer: Analog Devices, Inc.
    could not find the update ?

    AMD K8 Processor History Details

    Existing version: || Update version:
    Manufacturer: Advanced Micro Devices
    how do I do this one?

    RADEON 9800 PRO - Secondary History Details

    Existing version: || Update version:
    Manufacturer: ATI Technologies
    how about this one?

    VIA RAID Controller History Details

    Existing version: || Update version: 4.0.1381.530
    Manufacturer: VIA Technologies, Inc.

    not sure about this either

    Macromedia Flash Player 6.0 r21 Details

    Existing version: 6,0,21,0 || Update version: 7.0.19
    Manufacturer: Macromedia, Inc.
    haven't got to many of these and others because want bios and main amd drivers first. ?
    Who is this bashrat fellow and is this legit to update his stuff ?
    Is this the right one or do I use the white paper search on their site that north and southbridge stuff is confusing.

    DO i have my bios installed? startup posts no after showing promise fasttrak then it is not connected to the drive?

    Am I on via raid ide sata or a merriad of various mixtures of drivers and which one should I be on.

    Should I disable the controller and how ?

    What about some simple help? also anyone no how to run bluetooth more than just sending and receiving files, photos and phone list from my razr v3

    also I put files on one harddrive before switching to another and after installing on the one harddrive and then going to the master slave cord now my files I wanted to save are not in the folders. Is this a microsoft trick my music I saved in a separate folder and photos too. They were saved but now I am fighting read only on the darn folders. help help help oh well
    HOW do you save to multiple drives the right way so you don't lose info when you format one and reinstall os then connect to other to retrieve stuff?
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