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By frak
Nov 17, 2005
  1. Hi, any help would be appreciated.
    I have just started online gaming, namely MOHAA, and am wondering if the occasional stutter in gameplay is experienced by most online gamers.
    Am considering a new card, presently have a Radeon 7000 series 64 mB.
    I need to keep it sub 100$, so nothing too fancy. Would a 128 MB card liven things up any, and if so any suggestions as to which one?
    I am amazed at how many cards there are, and the different specs have me completely confused.
    Game play is pretty good now, but sometimes it does stagger a bit. Worth a new card?
    I have a 1.4 P4, 512 Ram, 20 Gb free space on HD, High speed internet...
    Thanks in advance for any advice
  2. Rick

    Rick TechSpot Staff Posts: 4,572   +65

    A new video card certainly won't hurt, but with a 1.4GHz P4 (which runs like a 1GHz P3, I might add), you should consider upgrading your CPU & graphics card together. I say this about games in general, and not MoH specifically... The only way you can verify what will make MoH run acceptable is by buying it and trying it out.

    Because your 1.4GHz is probably seated in a 423-pin board, you'll be extremely limited on choices (1.6-2.0GHz), I would recommend saving your pennies, upgrade your whole platform and enjoy getting something worth upgrading to.

    Assuming you have a custom PC, a board/CPU upgrade to something a little more current (non budget, around "3GHz") will run you about $150-200. 512mb of compatible DDR memory will run about $50. You would also need to upgrade your video card to take advantage of this, which can you set you back as much as you'd like. But pretty much anything over $75 is going to be worlds better than your Radeon 7000.

    It's a lot more money to spend, but its the only sure solution aside from buying a new computer.
  3. frak

    frak TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the advice, Rick, you're right, it is a 423 pin board. Basis your post, I think I'm wise not to add a card to this board, but save my pennies and upgrade as you suggested. Cheers,
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