Video Card Changing

By GhostFF7
Dec 10, 2005
  1. Okay, now that this is in the correct board, i bought a new video card ATI Radeon 9200 SE and its for pci im not very technology oriented so i might be slower anyways i want to use it (new card) but i have an intergrated video card, the people i bought the computer from are no longer in business and i Have no book because im a fool and threw it out thinking i would never need it (stupid stupid stupid). I don't know how to disable the intergrated video card (Trident Video accelerator blade 3d/promedia). If its relevent this computer is a Celeron 1.1ghz. Help would be a great relief. Thanks
  2. vnf4ultra

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    I think some pc's will automatically disable the integrated when they detect a new card. To disable it manually, you will have to enter your bios, which is done by pressing the f1, f2, del(or whatever key your computer uses) when the pc is booting. It usually says at the bottom of the screen press x key to enter setup. Do so and once in the bios, look for a setting about video that has options like pci, agp, integrated, etc. When you find it, select pci. Exit the bios saving your changes. Let the pc boot then turn it off. Install the pci card into an empty pci slot, be sure to touch metal on the case before touching the video card, so you don't shock the card with static. Then connect your monitor cable to the new v. card, and boot up. Hopefully you will get an image on the screen. Once in windows you will have to install the drivers for the video card. After that, you're done installing the card.
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