video card doesnt start up in intial boot up

By SornyPanafonic
Mar 9, 2004
  1. ATI AIW 9800pro doesnt start up at boot up

    when i first turn on my comp everything seems to be working fine except that nothing comes up in my monitor. my monitors stays the same as if the comp hadnt been turned on at all. after that intial start, i just press reset it and then the comp starts right up. everything come up on screen as if nothing had happened except some times i get the windows failed to start up properly screen. i kinda guessed it has something to do with power, i have a 450w psu, 5 fans (3intake,2exhaust) and a delta fan for my cpu. also two hard drives and 2 dvd drives (i actually disconnected my cdburner to lessen the power consumption). my video card is a ATI AIW 9800 pro. my motherboard is a gigabyte a7n400pro, i have an soundblaster live 5.1 (this could be removed since the motherboard has audio jacks as well) usb port, ethernet card (this could also be removed cuz of the mother board). i got windows xp along with close to 100 programs and games and a bunch of other crap. dont know what to do. any ideas will be greatly appreciated. much thanks.:D
  2. poertner_1274

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    It could be a problem with the monitor itself. Have you tried turning it off and back on while doing the first boot? I have seen this problem before and I'm not sure why it does it, but it brought the video up.
  3. SornyPanafonic

    SornyPanafonic TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 129

    thats a good point - ima try it the next time i turn my comp off. thanks
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