Video Card Might be crashing

Hey guys,
I can't seem to get into my old account so created a new one.

So here is my issue that I hope someone has a solution:

Long(ish) story:

FYI, I didn't realize until after I wrote everything, but when I refer to crash I mean the entire system crashed.

Been playing games on my computer pretty regularly with no problems (2 crashes on Aliens Isolations but that was it, and irregular). Enter the realease of GTA 5. I buy it, I upgrade my drivers to the new Nvidia 350.12 (im using a GTX 760). I play it, it crashes after a bit. I get bored and play csgo, it crashes after a little bit (I have 350 hours with no crash). I rollback my drivers, reinstall 350.12 update. Works for a while, everything seems fine. Come back today and play a different game that has given no problem. It crashes, I look at video card stuff, another crash. I completely remove all the drivers and reinstall them after restart, do stress test, another crash. I have cleaned the inside of the computer but that has not fixed anything.

I have run whocrashed to read the system log but it only reads a crash log from yesterday, although it is referencing a nvidia created crash.

So, now I'm here, and I have absolutely no idea what to do... if I can get any help I would be appreciative

another random note, tried to test it with gta again and the launcher said it was missing gta5.exe I looked and its gone for whatever reason, have to reinstall I guess? Not a huge deal just thought it may be worth noting

Thank you guys for your time

oh and system specs:
8gb RAM
Duel monitors
i5 4750 cpu
asus z-97 mobo