Video file not transfering completely out of my external hard drive

I have a file that I converted from laser disc to AVI. The total length was 20 gig but cut in two pieces. I transfered the files to a Seagate 1 Tarabyte hard drive for storage but now cannot get it to fully transfer back to any PC. The bigger part of the two is over 15 gigs and when there is about 9 gigs left the transfer stops.

Is there any way to get this out or fix the problem?

Thanks in advance.


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Will the file play from its current location? If so can you skip to the second half of the video without issue? Are you transferring it to a drive with a non FAT32 filesystem?
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The file will play fine from it's current location. And yes, I am trying to transfer to a non FAT32 location. I don't understand the second question other than I can tell you that the second part does transfer and play okay. It is only 5 gigs...


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Well its possible when Windows tries to transfer that large of a file at one time it hangs because of the total file size.

I use a program called unstoppable copier

It will copy the file sector by sector instead of in one chunk. It basically makes it a puzzle, takes it apart, and then rebuilds it on the destination drive. I have found it useful for damaged disks and FAT disks so you might give it a try.

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