Viewsonic P22f CRT Monitor Driver for Vista 64-bit

By salmanzk
Jul 11, 2007
  1. Dear,
    I have Viewsonic P225f CRT monitor. My desktop computer has Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate 64-Bit operating system. I want driver suitable for 64-bit. I had tried to install unsigned/signed driver from Viewsonic web site but installation encountered problems. I have a gaming system see specifications below, so I want to install Viewsonic monitor driver instead generic driver. I can send you error details as attachment if you mail me link. Kindly solve this driver problem.


    Processor: Intel Quad Core Extreme Processor QX6700
    Motherboard: MSI P6N Diamond Nforce 680i SLI
    RAM: Corsair Dominator Quad Kit 4GB DDR 2 1100MHz
    Graphic Card: NIVIDIA Geforce 8800 Ultra OC SLI (768MBx2)
    Hard Disk: Dual 1000 Giga Seagate 7.11, SATA, 32MB Cache for RAID
    Sound Card: Creative X-Fi Fatal1ty
    Optical Drive: LG 18X DVD-RW, SATA
    Speakers: Creative Gigaworks S750
    Power Supply: Enermax Galaxy 1000 Watts SLI
    Casing: A-Open QF60
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