Vista Disconnects LAN (Sleep?)

Oct 12, 2007
  1. I recently purchased a laptop computer with Vista Hoe Premium. I have a computer upstairs that is wired to the router. When I start my laptop everything runs great. I have a internet connection and I can connect to shared files on the other computer running XP. After putting the cover down (sleepmode) sometimes that connection to the other computer is lost but I still have a internet connection. I can hit my router and the internet but it is not seeing my other computer? If I restart I get the connection back.

    Any idea what is going on besides the OS being Vista?
  2. kontradictor

    kontradictor TS Rookie

    I suggest you check out the following microsoft support issue:

    You might also check your Power Options in your control panel and make a change to hibernate and not sleep your computer upon closing lid. Also check your NIC configuration (also in control panel) and make sure it is set to stay on even if you lose power or sleep computer.

    Hope this helps
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