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Vista disk boot failure and no OS detected

By fruit252
Jun 19, 2009
  1. Hello,

    I've already read dozens of support answers for this question and none have seemed to be specific to my problem.
    My setup was, Vista on one drive - or so i thought. i was going to install the windows 7 RC and it suggested i backup my vista, so i decided to do that, the only drive free and big enough was my 250g. when i tried to quick format it, it said that it couldn't and i noticed that it said it was a "system" drive same as my vista drive.
    I disregarded this and loaded the windows setup to delete the partition on that drive effectively formatting it... however when i restarted after that, i get disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter.
    Now i have tried some things, i figure i just need to fix its boot somehow, but i dont know why the separate drive had vistas boot details?
    anyway ive tried running the vista setup and go into repair BUT the operating system does not show up in the list so i cant use that.
    i did not accidentally delete the vista drive because i loaded windows 7 on another drive and can see everything there.
    if i cannot find a boot solution i would like to know a way to access my old user protected files when it says i cannot access them, i didnt have a password or anything.

  2. fruit252

    fruit252 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    its ok i got permission to my files so im just gonna wipe everything, too much hassle otherwise
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