Vista goes in sleep mode and power up is goofy!

By craigdexter1
Jan 9, 2008
  1. When left at idle Vista 64 premium goes in sleep mode and the to power it up takes a few reboots.

    Is this correctable in the power management screen. I really don't even want to have it power off or sleep.

    It has 4mb of Ram. Should I adjust the page file to 6000?

    The computer is a friends and this is my first experience with Vista.
    It is a desktop so no battery issues.
    If I want it off I'll turn it off!

    BTW I tried to talk him out of Vista but.......
  2. Bobbye

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    Go to Power Options in the Control Panel- maybe Vista has a similar name, but that's where you make the settings for power management.

    If it's a desktop, it will be going into either Hibernate or Standby. Sleep mode was a function usually referred to in a laptop. But "off" equals "sleep" in Windows Vista.

    Please direct your friend to this site on Windows Vista Power Management. Some will only apply to laptop, but there is more:
    And tell your friend, that even with a desktop, it shouldn't be left fully powered up all the time. If noting else, it's a waste of electricity and the computer can be set to go into Standby after a pre-set period of inactivity.
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