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Jun 21, 2009
  1. I am running Vista 32bit and have 64bit in an .iso format so when I burn the .iso to a dvd/ try to boot from that dvd, nothing happens and my vista 32bit boots up like normal. I don't know what to do and have used various programs to burn it such as Poweriso and Imgburn. I can see and explore the contents of the dvd so I can't imagine what is wrong. In BIOS, I enabled boot first from cd rom/dvd so I don't think the problem is there...Any help would be awesome.
  2. ender

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    I only have one idea which is gonna sound very stupid but I've seen even experienced users do it when they were distracted.

    Did you burn the iso file to disc and your new disc now contains a single iso file on it or did you burn the image and now the disc has a bunch of files and folders on it? If option 1, burn it as an image. If option 2, the image you have may not be bootable.

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    From what your saying, I have been doing "option 1" where when I open the disc, there is an .iso file sitting there. Are you saying I actually need to (instead of just adding it) burn the .iso image to a disc? If so, what program would I use or which settings on the programs should I choose? At one point in my endeavors, I opened the .iso and placed the files on a disc but it also didn't work...I CAN use DVD-RW right? In order to save discs after the first failure, I've stuck with only one.
  4. ender

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    The iso file contains a disk image. What you need to do is create a DVD using that image. Just burning the iso or the files included in it will not accomplish that because, as you've noticed, the DVD you create that way is not bootable.

    I recommend using ImgBurn. After installing the app you will need to start it and select the option called "write image to disc'. It makes no difference if you use DVD-RW or DVD-R media.

    GAGEtheBEAST TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 29

    Thanks for the help ender, I got it to work (unfortunately). I say this because after I install it, it became self aware...not really, but it messed up my other, previous version forcing me to reinstall. Sad day. I figured having 64bit on a partition of another hard drive would limit interference but I suppose I was incorrect...
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