Drivers Vista (or xp?)Driver 4 finepix 4800z web cam

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I'd like to use my finepix 4800z as a web cam with Vista, when I plug (usb) the camera, I can transfer files, but if I switch the camera in the pc cam mode, windows vista can't find any pc camera driver.
I can't find any driver on the web about that.

can anyone help please!

I wonder if I need to install the finepix viewer in order to have the camera recognized? I don't want to install this soft, I don't need it. I remember that I somehow manage to use it on my previous computer without having to install finepix viewer.
Also, my original cd for thw camera is far away : /-

help please...



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Go to the Fuji Film website and see if you can find the Vista compatible driver for your camera model. When I looked I only saw drivers up to XP but not Vista.
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Fujifilm answer

well... I asked fujifilm supprt and here is their simple answer:

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your inquiry.

The camera cannot be used as a webcam on Vista.

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