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By TechAnalyst
Feb 26, 2008
  1. This is the same error I had with the Vista x64 without the SP1 so that doesnt make a difference. Windows XP runs flawless and without errors so im getting a little upset and any help would be appreciated.

    I have done a 24 hour memtest which passed, 2 GB memory and I still get it. Just redid the machine and it continues.
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    Very few people here know how to correctly read memory dumps. Is there anything showing up in Event Viewer that you can report? Not saying the minidumps aren't worth posting here, just that you'll widen your audience if the Event Viewer has some goodies for us.
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    Finally! Someone who would rather troubleshoot using the event Viewer rather than minidumps! At least there are two of us!

    If you do need help doing this:
    Follow this path:
    Control Panel> Administrative Tools> Event Viewer> Click on System & Apps, one at a time on the left> look for Errors on the right> right click error> Properties> note description of error, Event# and Source.

    There is a "copy" button below the up/down arrows. Click that, then go to any place that allows you to type (ie. notepad, wordpad, this board) and you can paste (use CTRL-V) the entire event details there. It makes for easy reporting of the event.

    If you want to paste the Event here, you do not need to include the lines of code that follow the Description- but paste all else. You will be looking for Error that occurs at the time of the problem. Please ignore Warnings.

    Understand though, because the SP1 update was released prematurely, your problem may just be due to that, leaving you with actually no problem!
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