Voices gone on dvd-playback

By e-Willem
Aug 31, 2005
  1. I hooked up my speakerset to my pc yesterday, and I'm very pleased with the sound.

    The surround-functions work properly, when I play the testsound in SoundMAX-configuration the sounds comes out of the right speakers/directions.

    The Problem
    When I play a (legal) dvd with 5.1 surroundsound on it, I can't hear a thing the actors say. It's like a karaoke-option is turned on.
    The moviemusic and soundeffects are perfectly played.
    The voices are turned into a very low-volume low-bass sound.

    I tried WinDVD 5, WindowsMediaPlayer & RealPlayer but it all sounds the same.

    When in CyberLink PowerDVD I select 4 speakers in stead of 6 the actors voices are heard oke, but the quality of the music and soundeffects degrades big time.
    Selecting 6 speakers sounds the same as the other programs.

    What must I do so I can play/hear de original sounds (5.1) from the dvd over my 5.1 speakerset.

    My Hardware:
    speakerset: _____ Hercules XPS 5.101 Black
    on-board audio:__ ADI AD1980 SoundMAX® 6-channel audio Codec
    motherboard:____ Asus K8V SE DeLuxe
  2. e-Willem

    e-Willem TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 28

    I'm back with an answer,

    because the "Swap Center/LFE" function within the SoundMAX-driver isn't working, and I did hear voices through the subwoofer I thought, why not plug in the cables (pc-out) for centerspeaker and subwoofer the other way around on my speakerset.
    So I physically swapped them.

    And guess what, everything is fine now.

    The reason I didn't think of this sooner is because I followed the color-codes red plug in red and white plug in white. The surround test also worked and the color-codes were accurate for front/rear left/right speakers.

    Greetings to you All
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