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May 21, 2008
  1. i have a x2 5200+ and i was wondering if i ran the voltages lower say 1.25v in bios but pc probe says 1.31v would it harm my cpu.i have had my voltages at 1.26v from pc probe and everything seems to work fine.It's not overclocked it's still at 2,71ghz.
  2. Tmagic650

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    Lowering the vCore voltages won't harm the CPU. Raising them might do some harm
  3. BMfan

    BMfan Topic Starter

    Thanx i thought it wouldn't.
  4. rx7i2

    rx7i2 TS Rookie

    Use orthos to test if it's fully stable
  5. CMH

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    Some people do try to reduce voltages to save on electricity costs. So its definitely not a problem.

    Of course, you should check if its stable. Running anything out of spec can cause instability.

    If you do end up setting it too low, and won't boot, just reset CMOS, and it'll set everything back to factory.

    Like Tmagic650 said, lowering voltages won't harm the CPU, short term or long term.
  6. BMfan

    BMfan Topic Starter

    Thanx guy's been running it for a few weeks at 1.28v and no problems,have had a record low of 16 degrees during the grand prix while idling yesterday.I ran prime95 and occt for about 8hrs each with no errors.
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