voodoo 3/3000 in win2k - video overlay

By mane100
Feb 15, 2003
  1. Hi,

    I have a Vodooo 3/3000 video card and was using a WIN98 with original drivers and it was ok.

    I upgraded my o.s. to WIN2k and installed the original drivers for WIN2k. After that the settings for Video Overlay (inside 3dfx Tools > 3DFX Color) are not working anymore. (they are not avaiable)

    Besides that, in Monitor Type ( Control Panel - Display Properties - Settings -Advanced) appears a "Generic Television" (in win98 there wasn't that) and my monitor CMC-1703b).

    I tried formatting my HD, reinstalling a new driver after reinstalling O.S. (AMIGAMERLIN 2.5 SE FOR voodoo3/4/5(tm) Driver kit) but the problem remains.

    I usually watch DVDs in my computer and I use these festures to adjust the color and brightness.

    I think the problem is that "Generic Television" but both drivers install it.

    Besides that I read that video overlay doesn't work on WIN NT/2k. Is that true?

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