Voodoo3 installation

By cozzie121
Jul 28, 2002
  1. This might be a dumb question, but anyways. I have just got a voodoo3 graphics card but I don't know how to install it because you don't see the screen till the drivers have been installed. I have downloaded the drivers but not sure where I just unzip them to. I am using Xp but have set up a user and password screen to log on and off. Can anyone help me install the card?
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    Installing a video card procedure
    This should cover the procedure for installing a new video card. Some things to check are the following:
    If you are going from a PCI video card to an AGP video card there is usually a setting in the BIOS to inform the system of what port to look for a video card in. You should change this when you are still using the old video and then shutdown and put the new card in. The only thing that may be a problem is that the Voodoo 3 is quite an old card now and I don't think there are very good drivers available for XP for it. Try the search feature of the forum (top right of the page or in my signature) as there should be several threads discussing different Voodoo drivers for Windows XP. As I haven't migrated to using windows XP myself yet I can't offer any specific information about how the installation process may differ for XP but I am sure that other forums users will be able to...
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