Vsync Verse Frame Limiter-Which is better?

By WinnRig
Aug 26, 2014
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  1. I'm new to gaming and I have a 60hz BenQ BL3200PT 32" Monitor.
    My understanding is that the 60hz means that I can only refresh 60 frames per second.

    So in the forum I ran across two ways for dealing with this limitation.

    The first and I think most common is VSync which synchronizes the FPS to the monitor.
    The second is a Frames Limiter such as is one of the features found in DXTORY

    Yesterday I installed Crysis and Thank Gosh for DXTORY, Crysis came without VSync enabled and it went haywire. Over 1000 frames a second and locked my KB and Mouse.

    I figured out the problem, set up DXtory at 60FPS and Crysis played great.

    So my question is which is going to give me a better quality gaming experience in normal games. Frame LImiting or VSync.?
  2. St1ckM4n

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    Isn't it the same thing?

    My understanding is that Vsync outputs 60fps (or whatever) and discards the extra frames.
  3. WinnRig

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    I've been experimenting and in terms of Crysis answered my own question.

    When V-Sync was enabled Frame rate went down as low as 30 at the hardest part of the opening movie. With V-Sync Disabled I played at a Rock Solid 60FPS on High Settings 1080P.

    Did research and turns out that V Sync is not your friend, at least on Nvidia Cards. It uses a tremendous amount of resources. With Crysis at least Dxtory Frame Limiting brought much better results.
  4. TechGamer

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    To be honest v sync is your friend when you know your system can go over 60 frames per second personally if your rig cannot hit 60 fps on the game v sync might downgrade the actual experience of the game since it will try to render at lower fps then the actual refresh rate so basicly if you know your system can easily hit 60 fps + turn v sync on if the system lacks abit just turn it off.

    dont forget that changing v sync in games on and off does the great deal with sometimes it is a little better to check and change your nvidia control panel settings

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