W2k RIS server and deploying XP

By sherlock84
Jul 22, 2005
  1. I just realized I posted this is the wrong place. so here I go again>

    I do have a RIS server and deploy w2k with it. But we will be getting a new XP lab and I want to get an XP image on the RIS server. I have read all info from MS and know about the update for the Riprep tool.
    I have 2 problems.
    problem #1 is that according to article ID: 304314

    4. When you install the hotfix and you are prompted for a location to copy the files, install them in the RemoteINstall\Admin\I386 folder.
    Once these steps are completed, you can deploy Win XP Riprep.exe images from a Windows 2000 RIS server

    Will this change the RemoteINstall\Admin\I386 folder such that I will no longer be able to deploy my w2k images??? I do not want that to happen. I have 550 w2ks. Will I get the NTOSkernel (not matching) error messages, when I deploy w2k after the hotfix?

    problem #2: according to article ID: 304314

    2. ...Each Riprep.exe image requires a backing flat image that matches the Riprep.exe image you are creating in order for the Riprep.exe image to be copied to the RIS server.

    When you first create the RIS server, you put the w2k CD into the CD drive and the I386 folder is put in RemoteINstall\Admin\I386.
    So I need an XP image on the RIS server for this to work (i assume that is what is called a 'flat image')?? How do I add the XP I386 onto the RIS server(step-by-step). I don't think just copying it into the RemoteInstall\setup\ english\images in a folder 'WinXP.pro.sp2' folder is the answer. OR is it that simple?

    In another article 'Using the Remote Installation Preparation Tool' a requirement is:

    You must have at least on Risetup image stored on the same RIS server as the Riprep-based image.

    I think this is the 'flat image'...I have the same questions.. How do I get an XP Risetup image on my RIS w2k server?
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