Walmart to sell HP TouchPad 32GB version for $600


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WalMart will carry the 32GB version of the HP TouchPad with a $600 price tag. The news comes from a leaked internal listing obtained by PreCentral, and there's no mention…

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I wouldn't even give $400 for it, let alone $600. They need to learn that webOS is basically a completely unknown platform to the mainstream consumer. That's the reason why even the very known Android tablets have zero chance at outpacing the iPad 2, mainly because they are priced about the same. Just look at the Xoom. And what about those accessories? $50 bucks for a case? Seriously?

Asus saw this (as any smart company should), and priced their Transformer at a much much lower price. And guess what, they now have to increase production, because it has sold out.

The people that see this "webOS 3.0 tablet" --besides fanboys and enthusiasts-- will be uninterested at paying the same premium as the iPad 2, for a much lesser known device, whether it performs better or not (even though I know it does).


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I was going to say something. But lawfers brilliant post summed it up fine. These companies can't just match the ipad2 and say "oh we have better specs!". The average consumer doesn't understand the specs. You need to price it like the transformer and say "It's faster and cheaper than the ipad 2"


Agree with lawfer and princeton. HP should just say it's faster and cheaper and they will be overwhelmed. KISS Principal is always good when it comes to those who don't under stand the specs. Keep It Simple Stupid


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my droid is 1ghz, 8gig hd and i am pretty sure has lower res, 8.0 hd camera it cost the same retail

i wonder if it can wireless hotspot

also they should make phones emit a radio signal like a ipod so I can play songs in my old car radio