want to mod comp. but i need help!!

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Jan 13, 2006
  1. i was thinking about modding my comp. with a new video card, a new hdd, motherboard, sound card,more RAM , pretty much rebuilding my whole computer (i was planning on doiing this gradually bc rebuilding a comp. isnt all that cheap) which is why im here... i was wondering if any one could tell me where to find good deals and good quality upgrades for my computer for a low price

    i want 2GB RAM , 100GB hdd, i dont really know what kind of mother board just better than the one i have .. it is listed in my profile<< this goes for my sound and video card also..
  2. LipsOfVenom

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    Yes www.newegg.com is a very good site. They always have cheap parts. Too bad they don't do international shipping!!! GAH!!! Oh well, i check that site nonetheless. Also try www.ncix.com, it is a Canadian site.
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    I'm not sure of your budget, but this would be a nice upgrade IMO.
    Amd 3200+ 939 $162
    Vnf4 nforce4 board $70
    G.skill 2gb ddr400 $175
    x800gto16 $190
    120gb sataI(ncq) hd $90
    Power supply fsp 450w $57

    Total $744
    (notes, the motherboard has built in 7.1 audio, so you wouldn't need a sound card, but you may still want one. Not sure if you need a power supply, but assumed you will need one.)
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    thank you very much

    thank you very much i will look into all of thoes ..... this is going to sound funny but....i know what all of them are and stuff and i know how to install for the most part all the chips or whatnot..but would guys happen to know of a guid that could help me put all that stuff in ....just so i dont accedently mess up my computer?

    o ad one more thing will all of these upgrades fit in my computer..i mean like does my computer have the same plugs or what ever to put these in

    ex. are the RAM cards goinging to fit into the RAM slots i already have?
  6. vnf4ultra

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    For guides, check these out.

    Actually, now that I think of it, your dell case may not fit a full atx sized motherboard. Or it may not accept any normal(atx or matx) motherboard.
    After looking around, it seems the 8200 uses a nonstandard motherboard, and it might be hard to replace it, as it'd require case modification. It might be easier to replace the case as well and just completely start fresh by completely builing your own new pc.

    Your system uses rdram, which is no longer used by newer systems, so newer ddr ram will not work in your current board. Your system has a 250w power supply(unless you replaced it), so it likely needs to be upgraded to handle mor powerful parts)

    I guess you'll be keeping your case(maybe) and optical drive(s), and replacing most everything else.
  7. mailpup

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    Because you would be replacing just about everything, I also recommend that you build a completely new PC and keep your old Dell as a backup or spare. Just about the only extra thing you'd be buying is a new case and perhaps an optical drive or two. That way it's so much easier to select your parts without any restrictions from Dell's non-standard parts and layout. I have a Dell 8250 and that's what I did.

    I know you would prefer to upgrade gradually, as you said, but consider saving up to build an all new one. Future upgrades will be much easier too.
  8. computerkid

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    so hang on a minute..i was thinking about making my own case ( clear plexi glass w/ blue neons inside) <my freinds is like that its tight as hell...anyways i have never modded a comp b4 ..if i rebuild my case can i just transfer all the stuff in my old box to the new one and juist make it bigger....or do i have to install new slots and everything to put the new motherbaord and stuff in??

    if i do can i buy slots , and where, and is there instalation books on that because i really dont know how to do that lol??

    and vnf4ultra all of thoes upgrades you suggested to me ..all of them will fit in the new motherboard slots , and can i transfer my old CD optical drive, and my Cd-RW optical drive to the new pc and will they connect to the motherboard, do they have there own mounting bracets with them? and can you also recomend a colling supply ?? .. one last thing are all of these substancial upgrades from my dell 8200? darn sorry but 1 more thing do i need anything else to put into my new computer to make it work ( other than the things you already gave me?)
  9. LipsOfVenom

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    isn't it cheaper and easier just to buy a new case? you have to have the right tools to make metallica incisions and creating drive bays aren't all that easy. Metalshop 101 isn't going to be enough to completely build a computer case.

    Anyways, most cases now come with clear sided panels with some neon lights and are about $50-100.
  10. vnf4ultra

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    You could just buy a case like this.
    or this

    I've built one case myself, and it was fun, but it didn't turn out perfect. ;)

    Your old cd drives should be compatible with the new board, and they should be standard sized, so they should fit in your new case.

    A "colling supply?" I'm not sure what you mean.

    It should be a lot faster in games than your current setup. The 3200+ cpu is similar to an intel 3.0-3.2ghz cpu, and since your cpu is 2.0ghz, it's a nice upgrade. Also,the x800gto16(basically a x800xl) is much much faster than your current card, and 2gb of ram will help out a lot too.
  11. computerkid

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    ok thanks for the case selection

    i mean cooling supply as in like a fan on the prossecor or something like that vnf4ultra sugested a website that i should look at and this colling supply was on it


    i dont know..vnf4ultra gave me a list of thing for my new computer but do i need anything else in my computer?? will my monitor, sound system, and mouse and keyboard still work with rebuilt computer??... is there another was to put extra neons in the box .. and do they make all in one 5.25 drives ( dvd, dvd-rw, cd , cd-rw)? because the cleare case i want w/ 4 neon fans in it only has 1 5.25 slot and 1 3.5 slot.
  12. vnf4ultra

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    If you get a cpu that is a "retail" version, not oem, then it will come with a cpu cooler already, so you wouldn't need another one.

    A dvd burner will burn dvds, cds, and also play dvds and cds. It can do it all basically.

    Your monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers(depending on their connector you may need an adapter), etc should still work.
  13. computerkid

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    thank you very much for all your help..one last question before i go and but all of these things ... what DVD burner would you recomend for doing all of these tasks?

    what is the bus speed of this motherboard though because 2GB ram dosnt do very much when you dont have a high bus speed.. now i was looking at your processor you gave to me as a suggestion and it only costs $162 when i saw another processor for $568.99 now is there sumthing i should be looking for in a processor and is that why this one is so much more xpensive ..... the processor i am talking about is the Athlon64 X2 4200+ .. it was the processor the people used in the link that you gave me (about building computers) ..now i might buy that one because might be getting enough money to spend $3,000 on a computer..but if i dont is there somethiung i should look for in finding really good upgrades?? such as a motherboard , processor....?
  14. vnf4ultra

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    For dvd burners, a lot of people are getting the nec 3550 burners.
    Here's another one that seems nice.
    I have a benq 1655, and so far it seems ok to me.

    I assumed before that since you said you were just upgrading, that you meant you wanted to spend as little as possible. If you have a larger budget though, of course there are several things you could upgrade.

    The cpu I listed, the 3200+ is a good cpu, it's fast for it's price, but a cpu like a 4200+ is even better. It's faster and it's dual core, whcih means it's two processors on one chip, so it can multitask better.

    You could get a cpu like this

    You could get a better graphics card, like this

    And a better motherboard, like this

    And a better psu, like this

    A hard drive like this

    Maybe some ram like this

    That would be a fast rig.
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