Wat Is Best PCI Video Card?

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Oct 29, 2002
  1. hello every1. my cuzin just got an HP pre-built (yes i kno its junk) with a celeron 1.2 ghz, 128mb sdram, and a built on INTEL video card with no AGP slot. i wanna upgrade the video card but dont kno what are good PCI video cards are there in the market. the only ones i notice are the ATI Radeon 7500, Geforce4 mx 420, and geforce4 mx 440. i was wonderin if there are other ones or which one u think is best.
  2. Vassal24352

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    that's pretty much it but personally i had the same problem on my pparents computer and i got the gf4 mx440
  3. SuPeRxGT

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  4. LNCPapa

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    Yep - the geforce4 mx 440 is about as good as it's gonna get for you. Not too bad a card, but don't expect it to change your gaming world either.

  5. Th3M1ghtyD8

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    A GF4Ti4200 was supposed to be being produced for PCI, but I think the company who were making it went bankrupt. I would go with either the gf4mx440 or the r7500, the r7500 probably has better TV-out and dual monitor features, but the 440 will be slighty faster.
  6. SuPeRxGT

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    damn... that would have been so sweet if there would be a geforce4 ti 4200. i would get directx 8.1 support and much faster gaming. but i guess geforce4 mx 440 will have 2 do 4 me. thanks alot
  7. Arris

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  8. StormBringer

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    That article is pretty outdated, it is almost a carbon copy of an article in an issue of Boot(now known as Maximum PC) that was published in early 1998. Things have changed quite a bit since then. For one thing you can't buy a PCI version of most higher performance graphics cards. For another, the AGP bus has been sped up a great deal since '98.

    I think most people miss the bottom line when you talk about adding a PCI card to a system without an AGP slot. In most cases these systems have onboard video or a minimal feature card installed. Adding pretty much any graphics card to a system with onboard video is going to not only give better video performancd, but it will free up CPU cycles and RAM that were being used by the onboard graphics subsystem. This boils down to one thing, no you won't get kick a** performance from the PCI card but it will likely seem like it when you compare it to what you had before with the onboard video which probably had little more than minimum requirements for your OS.
  9. rclenhardt

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    The best PCI card currently available is the Radeon 9000. It can be had at Newegg for $99 with free shipping.
  10. SuPeRxGT

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    where is the radeon 9000 pci on that site? i looked but found no PCI version
  11. SuPeRxGT

    SuPeRxGT TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i see the radeon 9000 pci now. i already ordered the geforce4 mx 440. from readin the reviews of the radeon 9000 its way better than the geforce4mx and supports directx 8.1.
  12. LNCPapa

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    You're right rclenhardt - I didn't know there was a PCI version of the 9000 but it would be better. Similar performance to a Ti4200 not overclocked, if I remember correctly. Sorry about that SuPeRxGT. If I'd have known that card was available in that model I would've suggested it.

  13. PreservedSwine

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    I didn't check the link, but just wanted to point out the difference between the R9000 and R9000PRO. The R9000PRO is the performer, while the R9000 is still a decent performer, the R9000PRO would be the card of choice, if they offer a PCI version:)
  14. SuPeRxGT

    SuPeRxGT TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yes u r right. well guess what i just found a review here of the radeon 9000 NON PRO. it doesnt look to good but it has directx 8.1 support so it must be at least better than a geforce4 mx 440. oh and i dont see any version of Radeon 9000 PRO PCI YET. hopefully there will be soon. so for now radeon 9000 non pro is the best for PCI

  15. Elcarion

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    Yes, the Radeon 9000 is definitely a lot faster than a GF4 MX. With either one, PCI will slow either down a bit due to the improved bandwidth of modern AGP 4X and 8X. Is the Radeon 9000 "better" than the GF4 MX? I'm not sure, my personal experience from a driver/compatability perspective is that nVidia wins hands down, period. I think the jury is still out on whether or not ATI is on par with nVidia in that category.
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