Watch AMD unveil its Zen CPU live during 'New Horizon' event

Shawn Knight

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Update: Here's our full announcement regarding AMD's new Ryzen CPUs

AMD is hosting its “New Horizon” event later this afternoon in which the public (it’s being streamed live over the Internet) will get an advanced preview of the company’s new “Zen” CPU and ahead of a planned early 2017 launch.

The event will be hosted by Geoff Keighley, a well-known Canadian video game journalist and television presenter. Former professional Dota 2 player and current CEO of eSports organization Evil Geniuses, Peter “ppd” Dager, will also be on hand to put the new silicon through its paces.

Given the personnel, it's safe to assume that the broadcast will largely focus on gaming. There will be plenty of other opportunities for AMD to showcase more technical aspects of the Zen architecture - like a CES, for example.

AMD says we can expect special guest appearances and giveaways although the prospect of AMD once again competing with Intel in the desktop CPU market will likely be reason enough for most to tune in.

The livestream kicks off at 4 pm EST (1 pm PST). Be sure to check back around that time as you can watch the whole thing unfold right here on TechSpot.

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TS Evangelist
I'll be in dreamland long before then, I'll catch up on the news in the coming days. Let's just hope it's not going to be a let down like Bulldozer was. Bulldozer indeed, it was more like Dozy Bull.


TS Rookie
Its good to see AMD is catching up. I am sure Intel also have something cool coming out.
It just that I have no excitement from the news as my daily use of computer is just watch video and browse the web and occasionally compile some not so big programs which doesn't take very long in todays CPU.