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Google I/O 2018 conference kicks off today with a two-part keynote that will go over consumer applications first and a more developer-oriented session in the afternoon. Android P is expected to make its debut in some form, along with the latest word on Auto, Wear and Google's AI Assistant.

The keynote is set to start at 10 AM Pacific (1 PM Eastern, 6 PM London, 7 PM in Paris, 3 AM +1 day in Sydney). The developer keynote will take place two and a half hours later, at 12:45 PM Pacific.

Busy developer season started this month, with Facebook's F8 conference flying a bit under the radar this year. Microsoft's Build 2018 developer conference is on-going, and Apple's WWDC is scheduled to begin June 4.

So what do you think will the P stand for: Pie? Peppermint? Pancake? Pineapple? Parfait? Peanut?

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TS Ambassador says

Maps is growing into a full-on social experience that’s squarely targeting Yelp and Foursquare. A new For You tab lets you follow specific neighborhoods to see new restaurants and business that are trending among other users. And you can even coordinate with friends in real time to make a “shortlist” when choosing a place to eat at.
Truly hope this is configurable, as the primary function is the MAP and the Directions; all else is secondary!
Going "social" is not a given step in progress. When you're out and about your home town, then friends may be a consideration, but when traveling out-of-state or some European location, it's also highly unlikely they have anything meaningful to contribute.

GPS Navigation & accuracy is paramount in Maps.