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Dec 1, 2010
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  1. I've recently inherited a Intel Core2 Quad QX9650-ES to replace my Q6600-ES, and I am looking to replace my water pump(my Hydor L35 is about to die) and my waterblock(i forget the name, but it always kept my Q6600 at a frosty 25c.) I am also looking to watercool my GTX460.

    Can anyone give me some good suggestions while keeping the cost semi low? Also, if I post a picture of the old waterblock, can someone possibly identify it?
  2. dividebyzero

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    Depending on availability in your area or your access to etail...
    Budget minded blocks:
    Swiftech Apogee GT/GTZ ( was a premium block, superceded by XT so has dropped in price)
    Enzotech Sapphire series SCW-Revision A
    Enzotech Luna
    EK Supreme LT (excellent value for money)
    Watercool Heatkiller Rev.3 (LGA775) (Was a premium block, price lower now due to LGA1366 adoption)
    D-Tek FuZion v2 ( can be gotten fairly cheaply on occasion. Make sure that the block has the quad core splitter plate included or installed)
    Danger Den MC-TDX ( Older block, usually very cheap in the secondhand market)
    Koolance CPU-340
    Plus various XSPC, Alphacool, Zalman blocks ( region/availability dependant)
    Less budget minded blocks:
    Swiftech Apogee XT
    Koolance CPU-360
    EK Supreme HF (about as good as it gets in waterblocks)

    A GTX 460 full cover block is likely to cost a lot more than a CPU block of any flavour.

    Regarding the ye olde waterblock; post a clear pic (including backplate) or two and someone here may be able to identify it, although if it's a generic block odds are that it could go forever unnamed.
  3. Gh0sTly

    Gh0sTly TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I will make sure to get some pictures up tonight of the old waterblock. It did well with the Q6600, but I am a bit leery about its seals now that its getting up there in age, plus, I had to modify its tie down plate so it would fit the 1/2" OD lines and fittings. I know I got it back in 2008 from performance-pcs.com and it was around $39.99

    I fully expected a GTX460 full cover block to be around $100, and probably the most expensive part in the waterloop. Is there anything specific that I should watch out for with these?
    Also, anyone know how good this block is: XSPC Razor 460

    Also, Pumps. Ima need one, or figure out how to fix my Hydor L35. Its got massive pumping power, and I liked that. Is there something out there that is comparable to it? I know its not a silent pump, so sound isnt too much of an issue.
  4. dividebyzero

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    No idea.
    XSPC's waterblocks are generally pretty good. Note that the 460 block is for reference design 460's only.
    Any Laing D5 derived/branded pump is more than ample for a single loop setup.
    Laing D5 Rev.2
    Koolance PMP-450 and 450S
    Swiftech MCP655 and MCP655-B
    Danger Den DD12V-D5

    There are also options from Innovatech (Eheim), Koolance (non-D5), XSPC and OCZ available in general etail/retail that fit the same general profile, but personally I only use D5 pumps in wc builds.
  5. Gh0sTly

    Gh0sTly TS Rookie Topic Starter

    To my understanding, the eVGA GTX460 is a reference design based card. Im going to be contacting XSPC to make sure that it will fit before I order it.

    When I checked the impeller and shaft for the Hydor, and it looks like the magnet on the shaft is glued or epoxied on, and the epoxy has broke and the magnet free spins on the shaft. I'ma try and fix it. Hopefully I can get it working, because that will save me $100.
  6. Gh0sTly

    Gh0sTly TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Here is the waterblock.

    Sorry about the delay, but I have been kinda busy.




    This is the unknown waterblock. If anyone can Identify it, please, let me know.

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