Wats the most juice i can get out of my system

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Jan 2, 2005
  1. Hey everyone i m new to all the overclockign and i was wondering wats the most juice(optimal Perfomance) i can get out of my system
    Following are the specs (none is overclocked or modded in anyway)

    1.6GHz P4
    256MB pc133
    40GIG Seagate Baracuda

    ATI Radeon 9200SE video Card(<--how can i overclock this)
    Hercules MUSE 5.1DVD sound card

    If you guys can tell me how to get the most outta this system that wud b gr8 thanks alot :giddy:
  2. Cpt.Orgasmo

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    Hey man, looking at your specs im guesing you would not get much out of ur RAM seeing as it is 133MHz and prob unbranded, the cpu however has got potential, i have never owned a P4 so i dunno much bout them but i have seen people get an increase o about 400/500Mhz with 1.4ghz P4's so there is hope! I had a 9200 once an i couldn't get much out of it, got bout 30mhz core increase and 40 mhz ram increase before i started getting artifacts all over the screen!

    Tips - If overclocking the CPU invest in a high quality cooler to let you get the most out of it.

    To be honest you could do with a complete upgrade but if thats all you got then happy overclocking! let us know how u get on!
  3. ---agissi---

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    To overclock your videocard I reccomnned Riva Tuner or PowerTools. Both are great overclocking cards for your videocard.
  4. feardaspear

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    yo thanks for the help guys , i overclocked my graphics card using the Omega Drivers , but i have no clue on how to overclock my processor any help on that wud b appreciated
  5. ---agissi---

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    uhh I wouldnt try it.

    1) your system may or will be real unstable
    2) when you OC you also have to OC your RAM
    3) unless u built it urself u cant OC it (if its a Dell, Gateway,etc)
    4) your CPU probably wont OC very well, not enough for it to be worth it.

    also theres a thread in one of the subjects here thats pinned, with all you need to read about OCing if you dont know how/your a nub on the subject.

  6. feardaspear

    feardaspear TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 25

    Hey yall its a custom made pc , not a branded ****
  7. ---agissi---

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    then find the huge pinned OCing threads we have here on the fourm :)
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