WebHost-V2.exe, every time I open my firefox internet I get these ads coming up

By Viracocha
Dec 10, 2005
  1. Hi, I recently got infected with loads of adware and virus's. All of which got past Avast home edition. i have managed to get rid of them all manually, as my lavasoft ad-aware keeps freezing during a scan (possibly connected as never had a problem before) except one. "Webhost-v2.exe" my internet explorer has been much slower since this has been installed, and i get pop ups (not from websites, when using the computer normally). it shows up in the task manaher as webhost-v2.exe and i can terminate it, but randomly it starts again. I have deleted all traces of this filename off the computer, but they respawn. they include the prefetch "WEBHOST-V2.EXE-3434B1C6.pf" and the exe. i have used avast to no avail, ad-aware and the online trend micro various scans. Does anyone have any ideas how to get rid of this beast?
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    Give Ewido a chance.
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