Weekend misc. news

By Julio Franco
Apr 18, 2004
  1. With Earth Day just around the corner, Dell and other PC companies are stepping up their efforts to recycle old computing gear that businesses and consumers have been sitting on for years.

    The average PC: spyware hotel.

    Demand boosts worldwide PC shipments: More businesses replacing their older machines.

    ATI to launch X800 PRO on 4th of May.

    PC manufacturers have regained the right to sue Microsoft for patent infringement, according to the latest report on Microsoft's compliance with the Antitrust settlement.
  2. BrownPaper

    BrownPaper TS Rookie Posts: 407

    i do not think most users care about spyware that much. i was informing my cousin about spyware and adware (i cannot believe he was using Gator) and the risks and hazards of having it on his computer: privacy issues, keyloggers, ads-galore!

    all he cared about was using the internet simply and storing his password and username. he did not seem to care that there was all this junk running on his computer slowing it down and possibly causing a lot of problems. *sigh*

    maybe if the word out on spyware can equate it to a virus will people like my cousin take spyware more seriously.
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