Weekend tech reading: Intel's 72-core Xeon chip, AR contact lenses, fresh and failed predictions


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In part one of our investigation into Knights Landing, we described several possible options for the CPU core and came to the conclusion that Intel probably designed a custom core for Knights Landing. Over the past few weeks, a number...

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As for that yahoo article, that's why I use adblock plus. They wonder why you have to. Yahoo has been serving up malware for years. The Tribune website downloads actual viruses without it.


The heading of this article is wrong. The Real World Tech article states that: 'Knights Landing uses 72 “Silvermont” cores', which are used for 'Atom' not 'Xeon' processors. The Xeon cores, which are larger and more complex, haven't passed 16 cores per chip, as far as I'm aware. Knights Landing is Intel's 2nd iteration of the "failed as a gpu, sell it as massively parallel cpu" Knights Corner project, which is completely separate from Xeon.