Weird audio issues with new headset using Teamspeak

Hey guys, I am having a quirky issue when using my microphone setup over Teamspeak. So I bought a new headset the Sennheiser 598 HD’s and a cheap 12$ microphone to use with it. I plug those babies and then proceed to talk with a friend over Teamspeak and all of a sudden is getting all kinds of weird things on his end from me. First he was hearing himself echo, which gets worse when we both were talking at the same time. Then he started to hear the sounds of my game on his end. CAUTION: It gets weird at this part. So after becoming annoyed, I unplugged my cheap microphone thinking it was the problem and began to play some music. Having no microphones plugged in, we hear my music being played through Teamspeak on his computer. I’m not sure what’s going on. I didn’t make any software or settings changes, with my old headset a day before everything was working fine. I tried using the microphone from my old headset with my new headset and still got the same problem. I then just plugged in my old working headset and same type of issues. Could this be my motherboard going out on me?

Cycloid Torus

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Rather than blame the motherboard, you might consider
. If that doesn't help, try a full uninstall and reinstall of Teamspeak with the new hardware in place after you check your audio connections, especially the adapter if you are using one.