Weird microphone behavior

By Salil Sharma
Oct 12, 2012
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  1. So this problem started a while ago(2-3 months) where my microphone will stop working all of a sudden without any warning...but works flawlessly when I come back to it the next day. Happened 2-3 times with my old cheap mic but I didnt give much attention, until it stopped coming back to the "normal" phase and wont work. Digging around in sound options I noticed my microphone is not being recognized, instead the "Line in" part becomes active and it does catch some noises I make. So to test it I recorded my voice and found out that when I shout at the top of my voice, I can only hear a whisper.[​IMG]

    Thinking its a problem of my mic, I bought another cheap one from the local store and things were going smoothly once again but the problem reappeared after a month. Same symptoms...gets disabled while in the middle of the talk and then fixes itself the next day, but completely stopped working after a week or so.

    Then I decided to stop being a cheap-*** and bought a new gaming mic and it hasnt been 20 days since I started using it, the problem has reappeared. What is wrong with my PC?

    Here is a screenshot:

    Under normal circumstances the "Microphone" part is green and line in is disabled, but somehow the states get switched.

    Also even during the problem and mic not working, the sound works flawlessly..
    Any suggestions? And sorry for my bad english..

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