westell 327w modem

By vyviane
Mar 30, 2007
  1. I just bought a westell 327w modem to replace the westell wirespeed. The cd installation stopped at confirugration. Last night, I called Verizon. The tech spent so much time looping around. We could not connect the modem. It was too late. I had to give it up. I called again this morning. After an hour or more doing the same thing last nigh. It stopped at connecting again. At the end, the tech told me to call Dell for browser resetting. I told him that might not be a problem because i still use Verizon on my Westell wirespeed now. He just ignored it!
    Do I need to provide a mac address, or register my new 327w modem? what's wrong here? I did what you show in the board: go to to address every thing, and that what the two techs had done. I have already spent more than 24 hours on this matter.
    Please help.
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