What are RapportCerberus files? Are they necessary?

By Arizona Senior
Apr 28, 2011
  1. I have a Windows XP PC that is 3 years old and I have Avast anti-virus free software installed.

    For the last few days - maybe a week - I keep getting URGENT flashes from Avast that something it calls a "RapportCerberus_2169.sys" file is trying to do something bad in my computer. Each time I tell Avast to "delete" the offending file BUT it keeps coming back - maybe 1 time each time I open the computer.

    My performance remains OK and I have had NO problems with email or web.

    Today, 4/28, I "searched" and found an entire FOLDER of RapportCerebus in my Applications folder in the Programs area. There are at least 4 or 5 of these folders each with a RapportCerebus_ "different numbers" .sys files inside.

    I am NOT a computer genius so I do not want to eliminate them all if one or more is important to the running of my Windows software. But what can I do to keep the "RapportCerberus_2169.sys" file from returning as it seems to be malware ?

    Thanks for any help - I will check this Forum later today - am "bookmarking" the page.

    Arizona Senior
  2. Broni

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  3. Arizona Senior

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    Thank you - Here is my update

    Dear Broni

    Thank you for your reply - I did not know that this folder "Trusteer" in which these files are found had something to do with online banking. That is valuable information to me.

    Since I posted this original message, I ran a program called "Advanced System Care 4" that is freeware and since then while the Trusteer folder is still on my hard drive, none of the Ceberus folders with numbers etc. remain - the program removed them all in its malicious spyware removal and/or unnecessary files removal!

    Now my "application data" reads: "Trusteer" folder in which is "Rapport" folder and inside that are "install" "logs" "meta" and "store" folders. "meta" and "install" are empty folders and there are files in "logs" and "store" but none of them says "Ceberus" in the name and all of the various numbers also disappeared.

    So I guess my Avast anti-virus program contained the malware and then the Advanced System Care 4 removed the malicious files (it did find 450 "problems" and repaired them all).

    I still do not understand what Ceberus is but for now I will leave the "Trusteer" folder on my "C" hard drive unless someone can tell me it is NOT required to get online bank balances etc.

    Thank you again for helping me with this annoying problem and thanks to Avast system for protecting me from harmful files.

    Arizona Senior :approve:
  4. Broni

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    If you do online banking, I'd assume those were false positives and those files shouldn't be removed.
    Do you do online banking?
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